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Classroom geography reinvented

Blackboards, chalk, overhead projectors, and wall charts are fast becoming vestages of the past. Today, technology is changing the face of classrooms everywhere.

In the United States, roughly half of today’s classrooms have an interactive whiteboard. As the leading producer of maps and globes for schools, Herff Jones | Nystrom saw in this an opportunity to deliver geography, history and other social studies content to educators and their students – a market they’ve served for more than 100 years – in a new and innovative way. They chose the Google Earth API to power their educational content and reinvent their products in ways never before possible.

StrataLogica® is their revolutionary web-based product that delivers layers of age-appropriate, curriculum-based content for use in the classroom, library or home. The product becomes truly interactive when it’s used on an interactive whiteboard.

StrataLogica geo-references data and presents it wrapped on the 3D earth, allowing users to navigate and interact with our multi-layered world beyond the scope of traditional maps and globes. Herff Jones | Nystrom mapped the world in many ways to illustrate physical features, political divisions, land cover, elevation and U.S. and world history.

Using StrataLogica’s Dual-map Viewer, students can compare and contrast topics side by side. They can examine before-and-after views to juxtapose a World War II history map with a current political rendering of the same place, or create side-by-side mash-ups of population, rainfall, and land use.

Students using StrataLogica® software on an interactive whiteboard.

“Today’s students are so technically savvy – they deserve resources that will feed their appetite for information while improving their educational lives.” – Don Rescigno, Herff Jones | Nystrom

StrataLogica also provides schools with a 21st century learning environment that fosters collaboration. Presentations, custom views, lessons, and assignments can be shared between users. Teachers and students can add their own placemark pop-ups and include explanatory text, videos, or photos. They can also create dynamic presentations and work in groups on one “shared” earth with StrataLogica’s collaborative projects. Herff Jones | Nystrom also created a community space for educators to connect and share content and ideas.

With innovative applications of its technology such as this, Google Earth is changing the way children learn and the way that teachers bring the world into the classroom.

See how the Google Earth API powers StrataLogica, an education technology product being used by teachers and students.